The sales of SUBCONTRACTING collaboration amount to about a half of our company's total sales.

We manufacture vacuum-formed pieces of various sizes for our business partners.

For raw materials, we mainly use domestic polyethylene and ABS plastics; the other materials we use include polycarbonate, polystyrene, and acrylics. The sheet thicknesses range from two to ten millimetres, and the colours are chosen according to the customer's requirements.

In our factory, we have four vacuum forming machines, the newest of which (manuf. year 2015) has the top technology of its size category in entire Europe. The machine's operating measurements are 4000x2000x1200mm.

With the smallest machine, we can manufacture parts that are the size of the palm of the hand, at the smallest. Our skills and experience are evident from our staff's commitment to their work, with employment relationships averaging at more than 15 years.

We understand that close collaboration and deep trust are the cornerstones of the success of companies. Therefore, we wish to serve our customers on a long-term basis, for example by being involved in their development activities.

Our current customers manufacture, for example: machines and equipment for the automation industry, construction machinery, vehicles, platforms, hot tubs, waste containers, and various types of equipment for hospitals and for healthcare purposes. We are constantly looking for new business partners.



Contact us:

Keijo Jokimaa
+358-(0)50-518 6267