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Respo -trailer with hardtop lid

Perfect match

Trailer with excellent features

  • tipping

  • perfectly protected

  • lockable

  • aerodynamic but still roomy

  • load space size: width 1.50 / Length 3.00 / Height 1.42m

DSC_00161 (7).jpg

Gardening equipment, motorcycles, construction material, tools, furnituters or like sawdust can be transported safely and easily when trailer is equip with a hard top lid and cargo space can be tilt.

New Home
Furniture Covers
Mowing Lawn
Image by Greyson Joralemon
Four Wheeler in Snow

Technical details

  • Edge height: 0.42 m

  • Internal dimensions of load space: 3.00 x 1.50 x 1.42m

  • External dimensions: 4.62 x 1.92 m

  • Total height: 1.97 m

  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized welded frame

  • Floor: Waterproof plywood


Extremely tough and durable welded steel frame. Load bearing boards and fenders are made of high quality sheet metal coated with Magnelis®, which is 3 times more resistant to corrosion than regular HDG. Outstanding handling and longevity is achieved thanks to 3 sheet leaf springs, shock absorbers, waterproof wheel hubs and balanced wheels. The durable plywood floor is not only waterproof but also slip resistant. Best described as a user-friendly trailer of higher quality.


Hard top

  1. Perfect protection for goods

  2. Ease of use

  3. Spacious and aerodynamic

  4. Made from recyclable material

The plastic makes the cover light and durable. The shape optimizes volume and aerodynamics. The lockable lid protects the goods.

Safety and ease of use are the most  essential.

With the lid in place, both the front and back panels can be opened, making it easy to fit really long loads. Quick locks allow you to quickly and easily install and remove the cover.

Lots of space without looking big and heavy. It is ideal for people who transport ... almost anything !

Anyway - it's versatile and convenient protection for those looking for flexible cargo space.

" Easy as the trunk of a car ! Except that more spacious...

Really large opening angle !

Thanks to the special opening mechanism, the hard top has an exceptionally large opening angle.

The self-locking safety latch together with the opening mechanism make loading / unloading easy and safe.


Easy to remove
Easier removal with quick latches.


 Load safely
Self-locking safety latches make loading safely easy.


A safe place for your load

The cover is lockable, so you can relax when you leave the load in the trailer.



All hard tops are made of recycled material. The material of the cover is 100% recyclable


Respo is among the five largest trailer producers in Northern Europe and the Baltic States.

100% produced from plastic waste
crushed for reuse
in new products


Part of Nordic Plast Oy

The biggest trailer-cover manufacturer in Europe

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