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Gansi -trailer covers
The strongest in their class


Gansi size gategories
Internal dimensions of trailer/mm
Widht x lenght x height


Gansi 1250 x 2650 x 700


Gansi 1250 x 2650 x 1030


Gansi 1500 x 3000 x 1030

Gansi 1500 x 3250 x 1030


Gansi 1500 x 3500 x 1030


Hinge mechanism

The robust hinge mechanism allows the cover to tilt over the front edge, for easy load handling in the trailer’s front section as well as the back.
The hinge mechanism is equipped with spring assists.
Depending on the cover size, coil springs (2 strengths) make lifting the cover lighter. Standard equipment includes a so-called ‘wind hook’ to ensure that the trailer cover stays open in all conditions

Quick removal

The Gansi trailer cover can be removed from a trailer in about 30 seconds

1.    Open the trailer cover
2.    Remove the pin at the back of the hinge mechanism (on both sides)
3.    Push the open cover a few centimeters forward and lift it off

Please note that, for safety reasons, this procedure should always be performed by two persons


Each Gansi trailer cover is factory-fitted with a steel frame on the bottom rim to reinforce the trailer cover’s sturdy structure. However, when installing the trailer cover, you should always install the supplied sealing strip on the steel frame.
The strip prevents chafing of the steel frame and trailer coating/lining, and keeps the trailer cover splash-proof.
This will lengthen the lifetime of the trailer



Gansi muovikuomu on oikein käytettynä pitkäikäinen

When properly used, the Gansi plastic trailer cover is long-lasting
The manufacturer, Muovitekniikka Oy Europlast, has been manufacturing plastic trailer covers for 30 years.
Plastic trailer covers from our earliest production batches can still be seen on the roads.
The plastic cover withstands heavy use when used normally.

When using the cover, please note the following:

•    the cover is not load-fastening equipment; you must follow the trailer manufacturer's instructions when fastening loads.
•    be sure to remove snow from the cover during the winter
•    when transporting large objects, always ensure that the cover closes under its own weight and is not obstructed by the load
•    keep the exterior of the cover clean. The Gansi trailer cover withstands washing and waxing.

We provide a three (3) year ‘crack-free’ warranty on Gansi trailer covers from the date of purchase

Ville Laitinen
Trailer cover sales
+358-(0)40 572 9082

Marko Krannila
+358-(0)40 128 4020

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